Things to do in Batalha, Portugal

2021 Simply Emma’s travel guide: ‘9 Wheelchair Accessible Things To Do In Batalha, Portugal’.

PORTUGAL/SPAIN – TUR4all Accessible Tourism App

PORTUGAL/SPAIN – TUR4all Accessible Tourism App

TUR4all is an Accessible Tourism App covering Portugal and Spain, with information on accommodation, bars, restaurants, wineries, tourism offices, monuments, museums and cultural centres, beaches, recreational areas, city tours …destinations and experiences. TUR4all is free and available for both Apple and Android devices.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

2021 Wheelchair Travel’s accessibility review: ‘The Wheelchair Accessible Suite Life at Caesars Palace Las Vegas’.  

Accessible Javea

2020 Accessible Javea is a blog on the town’s accessibility including beach, restaurants, bars and more.

Landal Gwel an Mor Accessibility Review

2018 The Bimblers’ accessibility review: ‘Landal Gwel an Mor Luxury Holiday Resort in Cornwall’.

10 Reasons To Visit Accessible Edinburgh

2018 Carrie-Ann Lightley’s blog post: ’10 Reasons To Visit Accessible Edinburgh’.

Edinburgh – Accessibility Review

2020 Euan’s Guide article: ‘Disabled Student’s Guide to Edinburgh’ includes information on accessible transport and places to eat, drink and spend leisure time.

Loen Skylift

Loen Skylift is a spectacular cable car ride up Mount Hoven offering breathtaking views of Nordfjord.  The ride and connecting buildings are wheelchair accessible and there is a restaurant, grill, bar, cafe, shop, and accessible toilets on site.

Around Netherlands

2017 Disability Horizons article Top 10 accessible activities in the Netherlands

Destinations around the US

Wheelchair reviews accessibility of of hotels, restaurants and other facilities throughout the US


Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH Barrier-free Trier comprehensive database of toilets, parking, free city tour, restaurants, scooter and powered chair hire, hotels and other accommodation options


Münster (German) city searchable database for accessibility information with accommodation, transport and eating plus other tourist services.


Barrier-free Brandenburg searchable database of accommodation, leisure activities and eating and drinking options


2016 thewheelchairbackpacker (French language) travels to Hamburg 24h a Hambourg

Accessible city

Visit Berlin search of ‘wheelchair’ listing accommodation, bars, restaurants, theatre, swimming pools, guided tours and more!

Around Germany 3 reviews activities and hotels in Germany

Savannah, Georgia Travel Blog

Curbfree with Cory Lee’s 2019 travel blog: ‘The Ultimate Wheelchair Accessible Savannah Travel Guide: What To Do, Where To Eat, And Where To Stay’.  

Zeeland Bruinisse

2019 Toegankelijk Op Reis (Belgian/Dutch) Travel report: A day in Zeeland: Bruinisse  


2017 The Geordie Traveller blog post: Is Eindhoven the coolest city in The Netherlands?

Around Netherlands

2017 Disability Horizons article Top 10 accessible activities in the Netherlands

City Map

Able Amsterdam’s city map A city map that provides a guide to restaurants and cafes, canal cruises, nightlife, activities and places of interest in Amsterdam.


2016 Wheel-life articleMoMA Believes in Accessibility and Hospitality for Everyone  

Accessible New York places

2017 article The 15 Best Places for Wheelchair Access in New York City


The disabled foodie’s YouTube account


The disabled foodie’s Instagram account


The disabled foodie’s Twitter account


2015 Disability Horizons Article:The disabled foodie’s top 5 New York City accessible restaurants

New York City visit

2016 Brettapproved review: Accessible NYC!

New York City visit

2015 Simply Emma: disabled than the city link leads to part 4, scroll down to access other parts

New York City visit

2015 Simply Emma: disabled than the city link leads to part 3, scroll down to access other parts

New York City visit

2015 Simply Emma: disabled than the city link leads to part 2, scroll down to access other parts

New York City visit

2015 Simply Emma: disabled than the city link leads to part 1, scroll down to access part 2,3 and 4

New York Visit

m on the Go post: iGWeekend in NYC: A Small Bite of the Big Apple

Buffalo NY

rating the venues, events, restaurants, hotels, airlines and businesses we review from the perspective of a wheelchair user

Accessible New York places

Handiplanet (French) accessibility reviews for places in New York

Grand Canyon

VIDEO Rullaman in the Grand Canyon 2016 in a motorised wheelchair

Boston Boston, Massachusetts Wheelchair Travel Guide  

Oahu 1

Gimp on the Go post:Honolulu, Oahu: The Gathering Place

Travel agent and review site

Eat & drink, stay, do accessibility of loads of places reviewed at Brettapproved

Lisbon 2

2014 tourism abroad-disabled access ability visits tourism abroad-disabled access ability visits Lisbon


2019 Disability Horizons article Top 10 accessible attractions in Lisbon  

Venues around UK

Blue Badge Style Best way to find great venues & explore their accessibility

Restaurants London

Gourmet guide- Discover the Best Wheelchair Accessible Restaurants in London This section lists all the best restaurants in London that are easily wheelchair accessible. In this context what is meant by ‘wheelchair accessible’ is that the restaurant design and…

Destinations and resources around the UK

disability Horizons has many articles about destinations hotels, restaurants etc in the UK

South london

2018 article: Rebecca Herbert: Getting round South London as a wheelchair user

Accessible places in London 1

DH article:Accessible London: 10 of the best places to visit

Blackpool Travel Guide on TripAdvisor

Carrie-Ann Lightley’s Travel Guide on TripAdvisor: Accessible Blackpool.

10 Reasons To Visit Glasgow

2017 Disability Horizons’ article: ‘Disability and travel: 10 reasons to visit Glasgow’. blog post: Cape Town

2014 blog post: Cape Town South Africa (also travels along the Garden Route):

UK Destinations and Resources

Disability Horizons has many articles about destinations, hotels, restaurants, etc in the UK.

UK Disabled Access Reviews

Euan’s Guide is a disabled access guide used by disabled people to review, share and discover accessible places to go.

Accessible Venues

Blue Badge Style – find cool places, trusted access reviews, brilliant products and great experiences that make everyone’s lives better.

Access Information

Use AccessAble to find wheelchair friendly venues or check out disabled access and facilities. 10,000s venues surveyed across the UK and Ireland, including shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, railway stations, hotels, colleges, universities, hospitals and more.


2015 tourism abroad-disabled access ability visits Seville

Costa Almeria

2018 Life Of an Ambitious Tturtle blog post:Getting Around Costa Almeria | As A Wheelchair User

Barcelona 12

Mucho gusto travel blog about Wheelchair accessibility in Barcelona: “Get inspired by our posts and accessible discoveries in and near Barcelona. Sharing is caring!”

Barcelona 8

2017 Simply Emma blog post:An Accessible City Guide To Barcelona

Majorca 4

2017 Mountain trekking, Blokarting and the hotel spa. Disabilityhorizons blog: Disability and travel: accessible adventures in Mallorca

Around Spain 12

ACCESSIBLE TOURISM gret info in Spanish (google translate?! from the Government info on Accessible restaurants. accommodation, museums and points of tourist interest etc;jsessionid=F51724A63AB9CE722E33F3F7BF10D8BF?l=en


2018 very informative blog post from from Palmuaseman Uutiskirje/ Wheels of Travel Blog post: GUIDE TO UNOBSTRUCTED LJUBLJANA

Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair 2018 -3 blog posts

3 blog posts about a visit to Disneyland Paris 2018 wheelescapades blog post: Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair (part one) – The Take Off, Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair (part two) – I’m Here, Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair (part three) – The Magic:


2019 Disability Horizons article Top 10 accessible attractions in Lisbon

Around New Zealand 6

Wheelchair reviews hotels, restaurants, transportation and attractions throughout New Zealand

Taiwan East Coast National Scenic Area Tour

The Tourism Bureau’s East Coast National Scenic Area Administration produce a bilingual leaflet that shows the location of every wheelchair ramp, barrier-free bathroom and accessible observation platform at the Amis Folk Center.  There is useful accessibility information on the website and details of an accessible tour in the Taitung area.


2018 Curb Free with Cory Lee blog post: What to Do in Marrakech, Morocco as a Wheelchair User


2018 Curb Free with Cory Lee blog post: 5 Amazingly Accessible Things to Do in Fes, Morocco (and Where to Stay)


2019 Toegankelijk Op Reis (Belgian/Dutch) Travel report: Frascati with the wheelchair  


Accessible-Rhodes is a fantastic website providing a huge amount of information but also offering tour services.

Around Finland 4

A project with a map in Finnish showing places (relevant to visitors and residents e.g. hotels and jobs) and that have been given an award for accessibility and explaining what they have to achieve in order to be granted this award


information from Handiplanet which compiles accessibility reviews from visiting wheelchair users. It is worth noting that this is a French website and whilst you can easily choose your language preferences to English, it does not currently translate the drop-down menus so you may find it useful to know that ‘fauteil’ means wheelchair 🙂

Able Amsterdam

A huge amount of information put together by an Amsterdam wheelchair-using resident: “My purpose is to highlight accessible places, to shatter disability stereotypes, and to encourage fellow mobility aid users to get the most out of this exciting city”.

Cristiania 2

2017 blog post: Anarchy, Accessibility in Copenhagen: Freetown Christiania


2016 thewheelchairbackpacker (French language) blogs about Christiania Christiania, l’autre Copenhague : Et si une société meilleure était possible ?  

Prague 1

2018 Our Adaptive post: The Prague Diaries: Blog Notes Huge amount of really useful information

Tucson, AZ: A Snowbird Rolls into the Desert

Gimp on the Go Travel report: Tucson, AZ: A Snowbird Rolls into the Desert, 10 day late winter holiday of  sunshine and baseball

around quebec

Québec for all is a database of over 1,700 tourism and cultural organizations and businesses assessed by Kéroul and certified fully or partially accessible, spread across 20 regions of Québec. Looking for an inspiring, authentic and accessible destination? You’ve come to the right place!

Around Canada 6

Keroul: practical information, including a fabulous section about free accompanying person concessions and a searchable database for travellers with the ability  

Washington DC: Access with a Capital A

Gimp on the Go Travel report:Washington DC: Access with a Capital A Written by a Washington DC resident who takes a fresh look at the city following The improvement made it much more wheelchair accessible


Urbastep first edition of a smart phone with accessibility throughout Mons  

Belgian Luxembourg

Belgium Luxembourg visitor information for PRMs

Flanders 2

Visit Flanders You will find a great deal of information on this website to prepare your holiday or trip according to your specific needs and requirements. You can search for a holiday accommodation, day trips, places where you can get a bite to eat or have a drink, events and so much more. Additionally, you…

Around Belgium 3

Hidden City is a project to map accessibility throughout Belgium and provides a very wide searchable database of accessible places around Belgium, featuring restaurants, different types of cuisine, sports venues and many, many more!

Ghent 3

(Spanish-language but with translation available in Google Chrome) Siller@s Viajer@s blog post about Ghent


(Spanish-language but with translation available in Google Chrome) Siller@sViajer@s blog posts about Flanders by hand bike  

Bruges 1

(Spanish-language but with translation available in Google Chrome) Siller@s Viajer@s blog post about visit to Bruges  

Around Belgium 2

OnWheels-app › Go into the city, when and where you want and find accessible locations

Around Barbados 5

Around Barbados Fully Accessible Barbados ‘FAB’ programme is an initiative of the Barbados Council for the Disabled

Around Barbados 4 St Lawrence Gap

2018 Susie’s Wheelchair Adventures blog post: I’ve just started using a wheelchair, how will my visit to Barbados be?

Western Australia

You’re Welcome – AccessWA, a West Australian access guide for people with disability and seniors

Melbourne 1

Lonely Planet 2014 article Accessible Melbourne: top 10 highlights for travellers with special needs

Around Tasmania 2

2019 Travel Without Limits magazine travelstories Accessible travel in Tasmania

Sydney Harbour and Opera House

2016 blog post:Spin the globe’s blog Easy Wheeling in Sydney Harbor and Opera House

Bathing, bed, transfers, toilet matting

HaveWheelchairWillTravel blog post: 5 Travel Uses For Matting – Accessible Travel Tips  

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