Wheelchair services

Visit Berlin’s list of Wheelchair Service and Resources https://www.visitberlin.de/en/wheelchair-service-and-resources

Deutsch red cross

Breakdown Service for wheelchair users in Berlin https://www.drk-berlin.de/angebote/alltagshilfen/hilfsmittelcentrum.html


Mobility International USA article: Should You Bring a Manual or Power Wheelchair? Discusses the pros and cons of manual and power wheelchairs in different situations with different terrains and offers advice about suitability of shares in different situations as well as advice on maintenance and charging. There is also a list of 13 links to…

Travel tips for going abroad

2018 my life, Kerry’s way blog post: My travel Tips as a wheelchair users for going abroad. This blog post has information for travelling and for taking your wheelchair abroad https://kerry-thompson.com/2018/05/29/my-travel-tips-as-a-wheelchair-users-for-going-abroad/  

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