Wheel Life, Visiting Santa Monica

2021 Wheel The World’s blog post: ‘Wheel Life, Visiting Santa Monica’ suggests where to stay, what to do and how to get around the Californian coastal city. https://blog.gowheeltheworld.com/2021/08/12/wheel-life-visiting-wheelchair-accessible-santa-monica/

Indianapolis Travel Guide

WheelchairTravel.org’s publication: ‘Indianapolis, Indiana Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’ https://wheelchairtravel.org/indianapolis/

Things to do in Batalha, Portugal

2021 Simply Emma’s travel guide: ‘9 Wheelchair Accessible Things To Do In Batalha, Portugal’. https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/wheelchair-accessible-things-to-do-in-batalha-portugal/

Bogotá Travel Guide

WheelchairTravel.org’s 2021 publication: ‘Bogotá, Colombia Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’. https://wheelchairtravel.org/bogota/

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

2021 Wheelchair Travel’s accessibility review: ‘The Wheelchair Accessible Suite Life at Caesars Palace Las Vegas’. https://wheelchairtravel.org/wheelchair-accessible-suite-caesars-palace-las-vegas/  

Denver, Colorado and the Great Outdoors

2020 Wheel The World’s blog post: ‘Wheelchair Accessible Denver: Colorado From a New Perspective’ gives advice and information on visiting Denver and the surrounding great outdoors. https://gowheeltheworld.com/2020/12/10/wheelchair-accessible-denver/

Park MGM – Hotel Accessibility Review

2020 WheelchairTravel.org’s accessibility review: ‘Inside Look: Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Room at Smoke-Free Park MGM Las Vegas’. https://wheelchairtravel.org/wheelchair-accessible-park-mgm-hotel-casino-las-vegas/

Singapore – Cruise Destination

2020 Sanna Kalmari of Palmuasema’s blog post: ‘Joulun alla Singaporessa’. Translation: 2020 Sanna Kalmari of Palm Station’s blog post: ‘Under Christmas in Singapore’. https://www.palmuasema.fi/joulun-alla-singaporessa/

Salt Lake City Marriott City Center

2020 Wheelchair Travel’s accessibility review of a Marriott hotel: ‘Wheelchair Accessible Salt Lake City Marriott City Center Hotel’. https://wheelchairtravel.org/wheelchair-accessible-salt-lake-city-marriott-city-center-hotel/

Tom’s Accessible Solo Holiday In Amsterdam

2019 DisabledHolidays.com features a client’s blog post: ‘ Tom’s Accessible Solo Holiday In Amsterdam’, which reviews various aspects of the city from an accessibility standpoint. https://www.disabledholidays.com/blog/2019/11/18/toms-accessible-solo-holiday-in-amsterdam/

Scotland’s East Coastline

2020 Guest blog post from Simply Emma is ‘Exploring Scotland’s East Coastline in a Wheelchair’. https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/exploring-scotlands-north-east-coastline-in-a-wheelchair/

Cape Cod Travel Guide

2020 Curb Free With Cory Lee’s blog post: ‘A Wheelchair Accessible Cape Cod, Massachusetts Travel Guide’. https://curbfreewithcorylee.com/2020/10/10/wheelchair-accessible-cape-cod-massachusetts/

Villa Batalha Hotel – Accessibility Review

2020 Simply Emma’s blog post: ‘Villa Batalha Hotel | Wheelchair Accessible Hotel in Batalha, Portugal’. https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/villa-batalha-hotel-wheelchair-accessible-hotel-in-batalha-portugal/

W London – Accessibility Review

2020 Wheelchair Travel’s accessibility review: ‘W London — Wheelchair Accessible Hotel at Leicester Square’. https://wheelchairtravel.org/w-london-leicester-square-wheelchair-accessible-hotel/

Vila Galé Ópera – Lisbon Hotel

2020 Simply Emma’s blog post: ‘Vila Galé Ópera | Wheelchair Accessible Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal’ is an accessibility review of the hotel. https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/vila-gale-opera-wheelchair-accessible-hotel-in-lisbon-portugal/

Panama City, Florida Travel Guide

2020 Curb Free With Cory Lee’s blog post: ‘A Wheelchair Accessible Panama City, Florida Travel Guide’. https://curbfreewithcorylee.com/2020/09/16/wheelchair-accessible-panama-city-florida-travel-guide/

Wheelchair Accessible Barcelona Review

2020 Wheel The World’s article: ‘Wheelchair Accessible Travel Barcelona: My Experience Traveling with my Partner’. https://gowheeltheworld.com/2020/09/02/wheelchair-accessible-travel-barcelona-my-experience-traveling-with-my-partner/

Sheffield Access Guide

2020 Euan’s Guide article: ‘Accessible Sheffield’ details accessible places to stay and things to see and do. https://www.euansguide.com/reviews/england/south-yorkshire/sheffield/

Nashville Travel Guide

WheelchairTravel.org’s 2020 publication: ‘Nashville, Tennessee – Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’. https://wheelchairtravel.org/nashville/

Amsterdam Travel Guide

2018 Simply Emma’s accessibility review of Amsterdam: ‘ 3 Days In Amsterdam: A Wheelchair User’s Travel Guide to Amsterdam’. https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/3-days-amsterdam-wheelchair-users-travel-guide-amsterdam/

Staybridge Suites Liverpool – Accessibility Review

2019 Simply Emma’s accessibility review: ‘Staybridge Suites Liverpool | Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Next To Albert Dock’. https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/staybridge-suites-liverpool-wheelchair-accessible-hotel-next-to-albert-dock/

Hotel Alpin, South Tyrol

Hotel Alpin is a family-run 3-star hotel which has embraced accessibility by making all of its rooms, and facilities such as swimming pool & sauna, wheelchair friendly. https://www.hotelalpin.it/en/barrier-free

Cambodia 2020 Review

2020 blog post by Judith_wheel_travel recounts her adventures: ‘Cambodia 2020!’ https://judithwheeltravel.blogspot.com/

Aloft Aberdeen TECA – Accessibility Review

2020 accessibility review by Simply Emma of the Aloft Aberdeen TECA – a boutique hotel conveniently located near live events arena, P&J Live and only ten minutes from Aberdeen airport. https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/aloft-aberdeen-teca-wheelchair-accessible-hotel-close-to-pj-live/#more-10345

Gwesty Seren Hotel, North Wales

Gwesty Seren is a small hotel in Llan Ffestiniog offering wheelchair accessible accommodation and the option of care support. Experience spectacular mountain views, stunning scenery & sandy beaches. https://gwestyseren.co.uk/

Accessible Holidays in Switzerland

Claire & George, a Swiss travel company, will help plan your holiday from just finding an accessible hotel to arranging a private tour with guide, transport, accommodation and assistance. https://www.claireundgeorge.ch/en/

Clearwater, Florida – Accessible Things To Do

2020 article by Curb Free with Cory Lee: ‘8 Wheelchair Accessible Things To Do In Clearwater, Florida (And Surrounding Cities)’. https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2020/01/22/wheelchair-accessible-things-to-do-in-clearwater-fl/

Visit Honfleur, Etretat and Yport in a Wheelchair

2020 blog post by I Wheel Travel on three places to visit in Normandy, France: ‘Visit Honfleur, Etretat and Yport in a Wheelchair’. https://www.iwheeltravel.com/en/visit-honfleur-etretat-wheelchair/

Hotel Mondial Berlin

The Hotel Mondial is on West Berlin’s famous shopping & entertainment street, the Kurfürstendamm. It is described as a “barrier-free hotel” and has excellent accessibility throughout, with a hoist into its own heated swimming pool. https://www.hotel-mondial.com/default.aspx?lang=en

Dolphin Suites, Curaçao

2019 Impact Vacation’s travel blog post: ‘Dolphin Suites – Curacao’ gives an overview of the hotel and the extra services that are available such as tours, medical equipment and support staff. https://impactvacations.com/dolphin-suites-curacao/

Buenos Aires Travel Guide

WheelchairTravel.org’s 2020 publication: ‘Buenos Aires, Argentina Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’. https://wheelchairtravel.org/buenos-aires/  

Properties with Pool Hoists

Enable Holidays’ blog post lists holiday properties that include a pool hoist: ‘Top 5 Accessible Properties with a Pool Hoist for 2020’. https://www.enableholidays.com/top-5-accessible-hotels-with-a-pool-hoist-for-2020

Amazon and Galapagos Tour Information

WheelchairTraveling.com provides tips and advice for touring the Amazon and Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. It also includes a video showing places of interest and other activities. http://wheelchairtraveling.com/tour-the-amazon-and-galapagos-wheelchair-accessible-travel/

London Travel Guide

WheelchairTravel.org’s 2019 travel blog post: ‘London, England Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’. https://wheelchairtravel.org/london/

Crowne Plaza Leeds Access Review

Carrie-Ann Lightley’s 2019 blog post: ‘Crowne Plaza Leeds: Access Review’ gives an overview of the hotel’s accessibility from the viewpoint of a manual wheelchair user able to transfer. https://www.carrieannlightley.com/post/crowne-plaza-leeds-access-review

Punta Cana Holiday Review

Judith_wheel_travel’s 2019 blog post: ‘Impressive Premium Resort and Spa in Punta Cana, Domincan Republic’ is a review of her Caribbean holiday. https://judithwheeltravel.blogspot.com/2019/10/

Villa Sevasti Hotel, Greece

Villa Sevasti is a 4* hotel in northern Greece with views of Mount Olympus and the sea.  It has 16 rooms, is fully wheelchair accessible and offers care aids and services, airport and beach transfers and interesting excursions. https://villa-sevasti.com/accessibility

Maison des Landes Hotel, Jersey

Maison des Landes Hotel for people with disabilities, their family and friends. We endeavour to provide everything guests may require in tailored accommodation, from electric beds to ceiling hoists, as well as wheel-in wet rooms and a large, readily accessible hydrotherapy pool. No need to have a car. We will pick you up from the…

Access Review of Rudding Park Hotel & Spa

Carrie Ann Lightley has undertaken an access review of this luxury hotel and spa near Harrogate. The 2019 blog post is titled: ‘Rudding Park Hotel & Spa: Access Review’. https://www.carrieannlightley.com/post/rudding-park-hotel-spa-access-review

Tenerife Accessibility Guide

Little Miss Turtle’s 2019 extensive report: ‘Tenerife in a Wheelchair – Accessibility Guide’. http://www.littlemissturtle.com/tenerife-wheelchair-accessibility-guide/

Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

WheelchairTravel.org’s 2019 travel blog post: ‘Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’. https://wheelchairtravel.org/rio-de-janeiro/

Valencia Accessibility Review

Euan’s Guide travel article of 2019: ‘Rambles with Remus: Voyage in Valencia’. https://www.euansguide.com/news/voyage-in-valencia/

Valencia Travel Review

A 2019 travel review by Spin The Globe: ‘A Wheelchair User’s Guide to Visiting Accessible Valencia, Spain’. https://spintheglobe.net/dir/2019/12/15/wheelchair-guide-valencia-spain/?lm=9f2edcfdfe8475b402c0751206690162&ls1=d08a225b726883797bb512654e2991f34ef0c1cd&ls2=d253b556a455d49e631465c4beb933f618ebddc068b31a154b9ff30b3f8b6da1

Review of Las Piedras Holidays

Rosie Without A Ramp’s 2018 two-part review of her stay with Las Piedras Holidays in Andalusia, Spain: https://rosiewithoutaramp.wordpress.com/2018/06/ https://rosiewithoutaramp.wordpress.com/2018/07/

Las Piedras Holidays

Las Piedras Holidays offers accessible holidays in Andalusia, Spain. There is a choice of accommodation from two self-catering beachfront apartments to a hotel in the hills. There are various packages available at the hotel from bed and breakfast to an excursion package. Group holidays, Andalusia Explorer twin-centre holidays and airport transfers are also available. https://disabledholidaysinspain.com/

Rioja Wine Region Visit

2019 Palmuasema (The Palm Station) blog post: ‘Unrestricted Access To The Rioja Wine Region’.  A review of a day trip to the La Rioja region out of San Sebastian, Spain.  The report is in Finnish so please use a translation tool such as Google Translate. http://www.palmuasema.fi/esteettomasti-riojan-viinialueella/

Visit New York City at Christmas Blog

2019 Simply Emma’s travel blog: ‘Tips for Travelling To New York City At Christmas In A Wheelchair’. https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/tips-travelling-new-york-city-christmas-in-wheelchair/

airports United States

2018 Disabilityhorizons article New Orleans and Las Vegas and Newark (New York ) airport http://disabilityhorizons.com/2018/12/disability-and-travel-accessible-usa/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ever_dreamt_of_travelling_to_the_usa_heres_how_accessible_it_is&utm_term=2018-12-06

air travel experiences

Euan’s Guide: Huge list of really useful reviews from wheelchair users visiting airports throughout the world https://www.euansguide.com/reviews/results/?nameorcategory=Airport&sortby=BestMatch

Travel agent And review site

accessibleGO is the only full-service accessible travel platform providing search, reviews, and bookings of accessible hotels, cruises, transport and destinations worldwide. With timely insights, comprehensive resources, and a dynamic traveler community, accessibleGO is quickly becoming the number one travel resource for planning accessible trips. https://accessiblego.com/home

Destinations around south west USA

2009 Ta-Da.org blog post about Las Vegas, various places in Arizona, Colorado and Los Angeles https://www.ta-da.org.uk/southwest-usa#headerBox

Destinations around the US

32 Vacation Destinations for Individuals with Special Needs http://www.friendshipcircle.org/blog/2012/06/06/32-vacation-destinations-for-individuals-with-disabilities-or-special-needs/

Destinations around the US

Wheelchair Jimmy.com reviews accessibility of of hotels, restaurants and other facilities throughout the US https://wheelchairjimmy.com/


2015 accessibilityreviews blogs about Brauereigasthoff Hotel, Aying, Germany https://accessibilityreviews.org/2015/08/18/brauereigasthoff-hotel-aying-germany/


2016 25Hours Bikini Hotel, Berlin 3 BBS Ticks https://bluebadgestyle.com/venue/25hours-bikini-hotel-berlin/

Around Germany 3

wheelchairtraveller.org reviews activities and hotels in Germany http://www.reisenmitrollstuhl.de/en/


2016 The Geordie Traveller Accidentally booking a night at a gay hotel https://thegeordietravellerblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/accidentally-booking-a-night-at-a-gay-hotel/

10 Places To Visit Along The South Coast Of Iceland

Curbfree with Cory Lee’s 2019 travel blog: ’10 Wheelchair Friendly Places To Visit Along The South Coast Of Iceland’. https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2019/08/24/places-to-visit-along-south-coast-of-iceland/

Costa Rica Travel Blog

Curbfree with Cory Lee’s 2019 travel blog: ‘Discovering The Best Wheelchair Accessible Things To Do In La Fortuna, Costa Rica’. https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2019/08/15/wheelchair-accessible-things-to-do-in-la-fortuna-costa-rica/

Savannah, Georgia Travel Blog

Curbfree with Cory Lee’s 2019 travel blog: ‘The Ultimate Wheelchair Accessible Savannah Travel Guide: What To Do, Where To Eat, And Where To Stay’. https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2019/09/05/wheelchair-accessible-savannah-travel-guide/  


Merlinde Hotel with very good accessible rooms ” found wellness and physiotherapy facilities for disabled guests; the accessible rooms had lowered wardrobes and mirrors, wheel-in showers and seated baths. You don’t even have to pull open the main door to enter the hotel: a camera detects your arrival and the door opens automatically. ” https://hotelmerlinde.nl/en/…


2017 The Geordie Traveller blog post: Is Eindhoven the coolest city in The Netherlands? https://thegeordietravellerblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/07/2154/


2019 article ‘People aren’t disabled, their city is’: inside Europe’s most accessible city: positive article about Breda, winner of the 2019 Access City Award, talking about the positive changes the city has made and continues to make https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2019/may/28/people-arent-disabled-their-city-is-inside-europes-most-accessible-city


2014, 15 & 16 Travel blog about the various visits to different placesthe Netherlands https://travelerwithdisability.weebly.com/netherlands.html

Around Netherlands

2014, 15 & 16 Traveler With Disability visits: https://travelerwithdisability.weebly.com/netherlands.html

New York City visit

2015 Simply Emma: disabled than the city link leads to part 1, scroll down to access part 2,3 and 4 http://www.simplyemma.co.uk/disabled-city-new-york-city/

New York City Visit

2016 Simply Emma: TOP TIPS FOR WHEELCHAIR USERS VISITING NEW YORK CITY https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/7-top-tips-for-wheelchair-users-visiting-new-york-city/

New York Visit

m on the Go post: iGWeekend in NYC: A Small Bite of the Big Apple http://www.gimponthego.com/travel-reviews/travel-reviews-north-america/dest2a.htm

Hotel Park Hyatt

2017 Wheelchair travel.org reviews The Park Hyatt New York i https://wheelchairtravel.org/hotel-review-park-hyatt-new-york/

City Guide

Various visits maintain Wheelchair travel.org’s complete destination accessibility report of New York City, New York https://wheelchairtravel.org/new-york-city/

Children visiting New York

Havewheelchairwilltravel various articles about New York https://havewheelchairwilltravel.net/category/u-s-a/

Las Vegas 4

2018 Disabilityhorizons article New Orleans and Las Vegas and Newark (New York ) airport https://disabilityhorizons.com/2018/12/disability-and-travel-accessible-usa/?utm_term=2018-12-06

Las Vegas 3

Wheelchairtravel.org’s complete destination accessibility report of Las Vegas, Nevada https://wheelchairtravel.org/las-vegas/

Las Vegas 1

curb free with cory lee Soaring Over Las Vegas: My Wheelchair Accessible Hot Air Balloon Experience https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2016/03/14/wheelchair-accessible-hot-air-balloon-las-vegas/

Oahu 1

Gimp on the Go post:Honolulu, Oahu: The Gathering Place http://www.gimponthego.com/travel-reviews/travel-reviews-north-america/dest15a.htm

Key Largo

2015m Wheelchairtraveller.org reviews Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort https://www.wheelchairtraveller.org/hotels/marriott-key-largo-bay-resort-2/

San Francisco

Wheelchair travel.org’s complete destination accessibility report of San Francisco, California https://wheelchairtravel.org/san-francisco-ca/  


The World On Wheels blogs about Another Golden Journey to the Motherlode http://wheelstraveler.blogspot.com/2016/08/another-golden-journey-to-motherlode.html

Los Angeles 2

Havewheelchairwilltravel blog: SHERATON UNIVERSAL HOTEL – ACCESSIBLE ACCOMMODATION LOS ANGELES https://havewheelchairwilltravel.net/sheraton-universal-hotel-accessible-accommodation-los-angeles/

Los Angeles 1

Wheelchairtravel.org’s complete destination accessibility report of Los Angeles, California https://wheelchairtravel.org/los-angeles-ca/

Disney parks

2019 article: Access all areas for all in Disneyland https://www.travelwithoutlimits.com.au/disneyland-wheelchair-travel/

Travel agent and review site

accessibleGO is the only full-service accessible travel platform providing search, reviews, and bookings of accessible hotels, cruises, transport and destinations worldwide. With timely insights, comprehensive resources, and a dynamic traveler community, accessibleGO is quickly becoming the number one travel resource for planning accessible trips. https://accessiblego.com/home

Travel agent and review site

Eat & drink, stay, do accessibility of loads of places reviewed at Brettapproved https://www.brettapproved.com/

Destinations around the US 5

Wheelchairtravel.org’s complete destination accessibility reports on a large number of destinations within the United States https://wheelchairtravel.org/united-states-canada/

Destinations around the US 2

Curb Free with Cory Lee in various locations throughout the US https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/category/where-have-i-been/usa/

Destinations around the US

Huge amount of information on various places in United States from Have Wheelchair Will Travel blog written by the mother of a child in a wheelchair https://havewheelchairwilltravel.net/category/u-s-a/  

Lisbon 2

2014 Ta-da.org.uk tourism abroad-disabled access ability visits LisbonTa-da.org.uk tourism abroad-disabled access ability visits Lisbon https://www.ta-da.org.uk/lisbon-portugal

Venues around UK

Blue Badge Style Best way to find great venues & explore their accessibility https://bluebadgestyle.com/

Hoist accommodation around the UK 2

CHUC’s list of UK hotels offering a hoist-London, Norfolk, Nottingham, Birmingham, Telford, Cornwall, Blackpool, Cardiff, Llandudno, Glasgow, Jersey, https://www.chuc.org.uk/index.php/accommodation-with-hoists/hotels-in-uk

Gibraltar 2

UK Gibraltar Wheelchair travel.org’s very comprehensive WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE TRAVEL GUIDE https://wheelchairtravel.org/gibraltar/

Gibraltar 1

Wheelchair travel.org REVIEW: THE ROCK HOTEL, GIBRALTAR https://wheelchairtravel.org/review-rock-hotel-gibraltar/

Destinations and resources around the UK

disability Horizons has many articles about destinations hotels, restaurants etc in the UK https://disabilityhorizons.com/2016/08/best-accessible-beaches-and-beach-wheelchairs-in-the-uk/

Children around the UK

The Life of An Ambitious Turtle blog from a wheelchair using mother Living on a budget,Various travel reviews: Including travellodge,Waterloo,London https://lifeofanambitiousturtle.co.uk/

Hotels London

2016 wheelchairtravel.org blog post: Review: Hilton London Wembley Hotel – Wheelchair Access https://wheelchairtravel.org/review-hilton-london-wembley-wheelchair-access/

Heathrow Hotel

Wheelchairtravel.org reviews the Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel https://wheelchairtravel.org/review-renaissance-london-heathrow-hotel/

heathrow airport 1

Accessibilityreviews blog:Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 https://accessibilityreviews.org/2015/08/21/hilton-london-heathrow-terminal-5/

Bristol Hotel Access Blog

Simply Emma’ s 2016 article: ‘Hampton by Hilton, Bristol City Centre – Wheelchair Access Review’. http://www.simplyemma.co.uk/hampton-by-hilton-bristol-city-centre-wheelchair-access-review/

Accessible Travelling in England Blogs

Wheelchairtraveling.com: resources, reviews, guides, and tips from over 100 writers worldwide about accessible travel. http://www.wheelchairtraveling.com/category/europe/united-kingdom/

Glasgow Travel Review

2016 The Geordie Traveller’s blog: Travel review – GLASGOW! https://thegeordietravellerblog.wordpress.com/2016/09/09/travel-review-glasgow/

Dundee and Angus Access Guide

Euan’s Guide has a downloadable guide to Dundee & Angus that also includes Arbroath and wheelchair accessible orienteering! https://www.euansguide.com/dundee-guide?utm_source=MASTER+-+Newsletter&utm_campaign=d99c0ab717-Weekly_Digest_15_March_2018&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ff30350f4c-d99c0ab717-114912637

Scotland Visitor’s Guide

2016 New Mobility article: ‘Wheelchair-Friendly Scotland Boasts Cool Places, Warm People’. http://www.newmobility.com/2016/08/wheelchair-friendly-scotland/

Wales Accommodation

Accessatlast.com’s – ‘making life accessible’ – accommodation options for Wales. https://accessatlast.com/accessible-accommodation-in/wales  

Accommodation in England

Accessatlast.com – ‘making life accessible’ – accommodation options for England. http://accessatlast.com/accessible-accommodation-in/england

Hotel Accommodation with Hoist

CHuC’s list of UK hotels offering a hoist including London, Norfolk, Nottingham, Birmingham, Telford, Cornwall, Blackpool, Cardiff, Llandudno, Glasgow and Jersey. http://www.chuc.org.uk/index.php/accommodation-with-hoists/hotels-in-uk

Gibraltar Travel Guide

Wheelchairtravel.org’s very comprehensive Gibraltar – Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide. https://wheelchairtravel.org/gibraltar/

UK Destinations and Resources

Disability Horizons has many articles about destinations, hotels, restaurants, etc in the UK. https://disabilityhorizons.com/category/travel/

UK Family Travel

The Life of An Ambitious Turtle’s blog from a wheelchair using mother living on a budget. Various travel reviews including Travel Lodge, Waterloo, London. http://www.lifeofanambitiousturtle.co.uk/

UK Disabled Access Reviews

Euan’s Guide is a disabled access guide used by disabled people to review, share and discover accessible places to go. https://www.euansguide.com/

Accessible Venues

Blue Badge Style – find cool places, trusted access reviews, brilliant products and great experiences that make everyone’s lives better. https://bluebadgestyle.com/

Egypt – Cairo

2019 Wheelchairtravel.org’s city guide:Cairo https://wheelchairtravel.org/cairo/ 2017 wheelchairtravel.org blog post: Review: Le Méridien Cairo Airport Hotel https://wheelchairtravel.org/le-meridien-cairo-airport-hotel-review/  


2015 Ta-da.org.uk tourism abroad-disabled access ability visits Seville https://www.ta-da.org.uk/seville-spain


2017 DH article about a trip to Salou in Spain https://disabilityhorizons.com/2017/04/disability-and-travel-holidaying-in-accessible-spain/?+Horizons+RSS-Email&utm_term=0_75cf3532a8-7a40e88278-308157133

Costa Almeria

2018 Life Of an Ambitious Tturtle blog post:Getting Around Costa Almeria | As A Wheelchair User https://lifeofanambitiousturtle.co.uk/2018/04/23/getting-around-costa-almeria-as-a-wheelchair-user/

Hotel Madrid

2017 Wheelchairtravel.org blog post:Review: Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel https://wheelchairtravel.org/review-madrid-marriott-auditorium-hotel/


Princesa Yaiza, Hotel Resort, S. Lanzarote 3 BBS Ticks http://www.bluebadgestyle.com/venue/princesa-yaiza-hotel-resort-s-lanzarote/

Tenerife 3

2017 Martyn Sibley reviews the Vintersol https://disabilityhorizons.com/2017/04/disability-and-travel-rehabilitation-in-accessible-tenerife/?+Horizons+RSS-Email&utm_term=0_75cf3532a8-ba0de150a4-308157133

Tenerife 1

2015 disability Horizons: Accessible Tenerife https://disabilityhorizons.com/2015/11/accessible-tenerife-2-2/  

Lanzarote 1

2012,13 &14 (Spanish) Siller@s Viajer@s blog posts about visits to Lanzarote 1 https://www.sillerosviajeros.com/category/espana/islas-canarias/lanzarote/

Gran Canaria 2

2019 Palmuaseman Uutiskirje(Finnish)/ Wheels of Travel YouTube vlog post: Gran Canaria Accessible room, hotel Marina Suites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYqqAls0ixQ

Gran Canaria 1

2019 Palmuaseman Uutiskirje(Finnish)/ Wheels of Travel YouTube vlog post: Gran Canaria Accessible room in hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Spa & Casino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wzn3GsxuSM

Around Spain

Native Hotels – We are a group of journalists, developers and professionals of tourism specialized in promoting accessible tourism https://www.nativehotels.org/en/  

Barcelona 12

Mucho gusto travel blog about Wheelchair accessibility in Barcelona: “Get inspired by our posts and accessible discoveries in and near Barcelona. Sharing is caring!” https://www.muchogustotravel.com/blog/

Barcelona 4

2015 Disability Horizons:Bhavni in Barcelona: Our Catalan Tourist Board competition winner talks to us about her first solo trip! https://disabilityhorizons.com/2015/11/bhavni-in-barcelona-our-catalan-tourist-board-competition-winner-talks-to-us-about-her-first-solo-trip/

Around Spain 10

Native Hotels – We are a group of journalists, developers and professionals of tourism specialized in promoting accessible tourism http://Native Hotels – We are a group of journalists, developers and professionals of tourism specialized in promoting accessible tourism  

Majorca 4

2017 Mountain trekking, Blokarting and the hotel spa. Disabilityhorizons blog: Disability and travel: accessible adventures in Mallorca https://disabilityhorizons.com/2017/01/disability-and-travel-accessible-adventures-in-mallorca/?+Horizons+RSS-Email&utm_term=0_75cf3532a8-2b41619085-308157133

Access for football Slovenia resources

No Limits Tours has accessible minibuses, tours, information on accessible hotels and equipment hire throughout Slovenia and Croatia https://nolimits-tours.com/


Wheelchairtravel.org’s complete destination accessibility report of Moscow https://wheelchairtravel.org/moscow/

Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair 2018 -3 blog posts

3 blog posts about a visit to Disneyland Paris 2018 wheelescapades blog post: Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair (part one) – The Take Off, Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair (part two) – I’m Here, Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair (part three) – The Magic: https://wheelescapades.com/2018/06/16/disneyland-paris-in-a-wheelchair-part-one-the-take-off/


2014 Ta-da.org.uk tourism abroad-disabled access ability visits LisbonTa-da.org.uk tourism abroad-disabled access ability visits Lisbon https://www.ta-da.org.uk/lisbon-portugal

Hotels around Portugal

Native Hotels – We are a group of journalists, developers and professionals of tourism specialized in promoting accessible tourism https://www.nativehotels.org/en/

Manila 2

2017 Wheelchairtravel.org blog post: Hyatt City of Dreams Manila: Wheelchair Accessible Resort https://wheelchairtravel.org/hyatt-city-dreams-manila-philippines-wheelchair-accessible-resort/

Around New Zealand 3

New Zealand tourism guide accessible and disability facilities throughout the country https://new-zealand.tourism.net.nz/search?w=Disability

Around New Zealand 6

Wheelchair Jimmy.com reviews hotels, restaurants, transportation and attractions throughout New Zealand https://wheelchairjimmy.com/new-zealand/

Around New Zealand 6

New Zealand tourism guide accessible and disability facilities throughout the country https://new-zealand.tourism.net.nz/search?w=Disability


Disability Horizons article: Accessible Morocco: visiting Essaouira on a mobility scooter https://disabilityhorizons.com/2017/09/accessible-morocco-visiting-essaouira-mobility-scooter/?utm_term=2018-04-03

Around Morocco 1

2016 Wheelchairtraveller.org: Visit Morocco in a wheelchair https://www.wheelchairtraveller.org/touren/visit-morocco-in-a-wheelchair/  

Kuala Lumpur 2

2015 wheelchairtraveller.org reviews Crown Regency Service Suites https://www.wheelchairtraveller.org/hotels/crown-regency-service-suites/


2015 wheelchairtraveller.org reviews Locanda dell’ Istrice hotel  https://www.wheelchairtraveller.org/hotels/locanda-dell-istrice-2/  

Around Indonesia 2

accessible Indonesia is a travel agency but the website has lots of useful information about accessibility in various locations around the country. https://www.accessibleindonesia.org/

Bali 2

wheelchairtraveller.org goes to Bali https://www.wheelchairtraveller.org/touren/a-tour-around-bali-2015/#

Accommodation in Greece

The Opening Door, Inc. provides information about visits to Greece http://www.travelguides.org/destinations.html

Around Finland 4

A project with a map in Finnish showing places (relevant to visitors and residents e.g. hotels and jobs) and that have been given an award for accessibility and explaining what they have to achieve in order to be granted this award https://www.invalidiliitto.fi/helppo-liikkua-viikko-2019

Around Jordan

A flying wheelchair from Japan visits Jordan http://www.kijikiji.com/english/hotel/jordan.htm

Yucatán Peninsula

2016 New Mobility article:Mexico’s Yucatan: Discovering an Ancient World in Modern Ti http://www.newmobility.com/2016/01/cancun-accessible/

La Paz

2015 4 blog posts about La Paz from CuriousKester a.k.a. Globetrotter in a Wheelchair http://curiouskester.com/tag/mexico/


2017 New Mobility article: Scuba Diving in Cozumel http://www.newmobility.com/2017/02/scuba-diving-in-cozumel/

Cancun and Playa del Carmen

2018 Spin the Globe blog post:Wheelchair Accessible All-Inclusive Resorts in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Mexico https://spintheglobe.net/dir/2018/05/24/accessible-all-inclusive-resorts-mexico/


2016 Photoroller blog post: 5 minutes on the streets of Tallinn old town https://photoroller.live/2016/03/06/5-minutes-on-the-streets-of-tallinn-old-town/

Prague 3

Wheelchair travel.org’s complete destination accessibility report of Prague https://wheelchairtravel.org/prague/

Prague 1

2018 Our Adaptive World.blog post: The Prague Diaries: Blog Notes Huge amount of really useful information https://ouradaptiveworld.com/travel/the-prague-diaries-blog-notes/

Around Croatia 4



Wheelchair travel.org’s complete destination accessibility report of Shanghai, China https://wheelchairtravel.org/shanghai-china/

Tucson, AZ: A Snowbird Rolls into the Desert

Gimp on the Go Travel report: Tucson, AZ: A Snowbird Rolls into the Desert, 10 day late winter holiday of  sunshine and baseball http://www.gimponthego.com/travel-reviews/travel-reviews-north-america/dest14a.htm

quebec 5

2017 Curb Free with Cory Lee blog post:EXPERIENCING THE CHARM OF QUEBEC CITY AS A WHEELCHAIR USER https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2017/08/05/wheelchair-accessible-quebec-city/


Urbastep first edition of a smart phone with accessibility throughout Mons http://www.passe-muraille.be/urbastep#home  

Belgian Luxembourg

Belgium Luxembourg visitor information for PRMs https://www.luxembourg-belge.be/nl/praktisch/toerisme-handicap/index.php

Around Belgium 2

Access-iAccess-i, the accessibility information portal Access-i enables you to identify, at a glance, the level of accessibility of a building, site or event to each specific need. Each category of persons with special needs is identified by a pictogram. It is placed in a box whose color varies according to the level of accessibility of…

Flanders 2

Visit Flanders You will find a great deal of information on this website to prepare your holiday or trip according to your specific needs and requirements. You can search for a holiday accommodation, day trips, places where you can get a bite to eat or have a drink, events and so much more. Additionally, you…

Brussels 3

Handy Brussels is the new name of Brussels for all and it has a significant amount of information for visitors with reduced mobility. https://handy.brussels/en/  


Review of the Relaxhoris holiday center https://www.toegankelijkopreis.be/content/relaxhoris-vakantiecentrum-belgi%C3%AB

Ghent 3

(Spanish-language but with translation available in Google Chrome) Siller@s Viajer@s blog post about Ghent https://www.sillerosviajeros.com/gante-y-odenaarde-en-silla-de-ruedas/

Brussels 2

Wheelchairtravel.org’s complete destination accessibility report of Brussels https://wheelchairtravel.org/brussels/

Bruges 1

(Spanish-language but with translation available in Google Chrome) Siller@s Viajer@s blog post about visit to Bruges https://www.sillerosviajeros.com/brujas-con-silla-de-ruedas-2/  

Around Belgium 2

OnWheels-app › Go into the city, when and where you want and find accessible locations https://www.onwheelsapp.com/

Around Belgium Gold Winner – Scandic Hotels

Disability Horizons: Are these the most accessible, responsible accommodations in the world?, http://disabilityhorizons.com/2015/11/are-these-the-most-accessible-responsible-accommodations-in-the-world/

Around Barbados 5

Around Barbados Fully Accessible Barbados ‘FAB’ programme is an initiative of the Barbados Council for the Disabled http://fullyaccessiblebarbados.com/

Around Barbados 2

Wheelgotravelling.info goes to Barbados, – February 2009 http://www.wheelgotravelling.info/Barbados.html


Nassau, Bahamas By John Sage https://www.accessiblecaribbeanvacations.com/nassau-bahamas-disabled-access#.XVHOnpNKg8Y

Atlantis 2

New Mobility article:Discovering the (Mostly) Accessible Atlantis Resort http://www.newmobility.com/2016/06/mostly-accessible-atlantis-resort/  


SpecialGlobe a family with a child with disabilities (atypical Rett syndrome) write about their own travel experiences and creates a mobile online resource designed to educate and assist families with research, planning and booking travel experiences that meet their specific needs. http://www.specialglobe.com/atlantis-bahamas.html

Around Tasmania 2

2019 Travel Without Limits magazine travelstories Accessible travel in Tasmania https://www.travelwithoutlimits.com.au/accessible-travel-in-tasmania/

Around Tasmania

Wheelchair traveling.com resources, reviews, guides, and tips from over 100 writers worldwide about accessible travel http://wheelchairtraveling.com/category/pacific-destinations/tasmania/  

Sydney Visit 1

Spin the globe blogs An Introduction to Sydney by Scooter https://spintheglobe.net/dir/2016/11/29/an-introduction-to-sydney-by-scooter/  

Australia visit

blog Travel for all a flying wheelchair from Japan visits Australia check the HOTEL section of this website for information about where he stayed http://www.kijikiji.com/english/photo/australia.htm  


2014 blog post:EAST HOTEL CANBERRA accessible hotel reviewed and tested on Hotelaccessibility.com https://havewheelchairwilltravel.net/east-hotel-canberra/

Bed accessories The Snoozle Slide sheet

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Bed raisers

bed blocks a.k.a. Elephant Feet a great lightweight help for raising the height of the bed (available in 2 heights) https://www.completecareshop.co.uk/chairs-and-seating/chair-raisers/elephant-feet-140mm-view-large?gclid=CLHZ3PzWuMoCFQkIwwod2m0POg

Bathing Shower Chair

Goes Anywhere Shower Chair as a portable shower chair that is easily collapsible and has an extension frame that can sit across a bathtub. https://goesanywhere.com/

Bed lever

I spent ages searching for a bed lever that could fit inside the suitcase and I finally found this one! It fits inside a standard size Samsonite suitcase so I guess it would fit in a lot of other suitcases https://www.amazon.com/Stander-BedCane-Adjustable-Included-Guarantee/dp/B000GUHG6K/ref=pd_lpo_121_tr_t_3?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=WM5FEXA72N511J8DVSGK&th=1

Travel tips for going abroad

2018 my life, Kerry’s way blog post: My travel Tips as a wheelchair users for going abroad. This blog post has information for travelling and for taking your wheelchair abroad https://kerry-thompson.com/2018/05/29/my-travel-tips-as-a-wheelchair-users-for-going-abroad/