Norfolk Accommodation

Church Farm Barns consists of 8 holiday cottages close to the north Norfolk coast and the Royal Estate of Sandringham all converted from farm buildings to a high standard. They can sleep between 2-10 people and can sleep up to 48 people on site making it an ideal location for group holidays. All properties have…

air travel advice

Revised/Updated: 2018/12/06 Disability Air Travel Information for Seniors and Disabled Disabled World’s information and accessibility tips on air travel for persons with disabilities including US TSA security screening and permitted items.

air travel equipment

as well as being the first of a series of travel blogs about a visit to Seoul, this entry talks about some useful equipment such as large luggage that can be fixed to your wheelchair  

air travel advice power wheelchairs

HaveWheelchairWillTravel blog post: TIPS ON TRAVELLING WITH A POWER WHEELCHAIR – WHEELCHAIR TRAVEL TIPS many mentions of air travel in this post

air travel advice

2018 Travel Without Limits: 15 Tips for Travelling with a Chronic Ilness & Cystic Fibrosis This article has some useful I Advice for travelling By aeroplane

Air travel advice

2019 Spin the Globe blog post: Air Travel Secrets for Wheelchair Users from a Frequent Flyer. No church your regular run-of-the-mill airline travel tips but some really useful things that were completely new information to us and will definitely be employed on future bookings and travel!

Equipment for cruises

Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea is dedicated to fulfilling the special needs requirements for persons who want to travel but may need mobility aides, oxygen or other equipment. We make travel easy, comfortable and accessible. Our trained delivery agents in over 165 metropolitan areas across 35 countries around the globe help us fulfill this…

National trust access guide

The National  trust has Mountain trikes, Powered Mobility Vehicles and accessible trails and it offers Discounted and free entry For carers. the Mountain trike Is available in a growing number of venues, it is a great resource for off roading and exploring previously inaccessible areas 🙂 it is becoming more and more available for us!…

Access for football Slovenia resources

No Limits Tours has accessible minibuses, tours, information on accessible hotels and equipment hire throughout Slovenia and Croatia

Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair 2018 -3 blog posts

3 blog posts about a visit to Disneyland Paris 2018 wheelescapades blog post: Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair (part one) – The Take Off, Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair (part two) – I’m Here, Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair (part three) – The Magic:

Travel Agency Morocco only

Morocco accessible tourism-Accessible Travel Consultants offer tours, short excursions and day trips. They also provide details including costs for equipment that you can rent and accessible transport from the airport to where you are staying.  

No Limits Tours

No Limits Tours offers accessible tours, hotels (although one wheelchair user had two negative experiences), minibus transfers and equipment rental. They say: provides a full range of accessible tours and holidays for the disabled specially designed for wheelchair users. With us you can explore the main main accessible travel destinations like the flat and barrier…

Toilet elevated seat

The Easy Reach Toilet Seat My name is Jason and I am a paraplegic who invented and patented an elevated toilet seat with side-access

Hoist slings

ADAPTS is a lightweight, portable emergency evacuation sling which can be used on airlines, ships, trains etc.

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