Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wheelchair Travel’s detailed accessibility report: ‘Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’

Tampa, Florida Travel Guide

2022 ‘The Ultimate Wheelchair Accessible Tampa, Florida Travel Guide’ by Curb Free With Cory Lee is great reading for wheelchair users planning to visit the Tampa Bay area.

New Orleans Travel Guide

New Orleans Travel Guide

2021 edition of the travel guide series by Wheelchair Travel: ‘New Orleans, Louisiana Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’.

Fort Myers, Florida Travel Guide

Fort Myers, Florida Travel Guide

2021 edition of the travel guide series by Wheelchair Travel: ‘Fort Myers, Florida Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide‘.

IRELAND – Official Accessible Tourism Information

IRELAND – Official Accessible Tourism Information

This page from Tourism Ireland offers accessibility information for visitors to Ireland, including Northern Ireland, covering Getting Around, Accommodation, and Attractions,  with tips and links to further information.

Indianapolis Travel Guide’s publication: ‘Indianapolis, Indiana Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’

SPAIN – Overview of travelling around

This is a really useful overview of wheelchair accessibility in this country. It is in Flemish but compatible with google translate (but there are a few minor errors, e.g. google translate has put Spain makes hard work of accessible travel, rather than works hard on accessible travel!).    

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

2021 Wheelchair Travel’s accessibility review: ‘The Wheelchair Accessible Suite Life at Caesars Palace Las Vegas’.  

Park MGM – Hotel Accessibility Review

2020’s accessibility review: ‘Inside Look: Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Room at Smoke-Free Park MGM Las Vegas’.

Helsinki Accessibility Video

2020 Handiscover’s video on ‘Wheelchair Accessibility In Helsinki, Finland: Interview & Discussion’. Find out about accessible attractions, accommodation and transportation.

Egypt – Accessible Travel Podcast

2020 Wheelchair Travel’s podcast ‘Episode 3: Exploring Egypt with Ryan Smith of Freewheel Weekends’.

Nashville Travel Guide’s 2020 publication: ‘Nashville, Tennessee – Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’.

Amsterdam Travel Guide

2018 Simply Emma’s accessibility review of Amsterdam: ‘ 3 Days In Amsterdam: A Wheelchair User’s Travel Guide to Amsterdam’.

Adapted Transfer Service partner with Driving Miss Daisy® to provide adapted home-to-holiday transport with added personal assistance.

Sicily: Accessibility Review

2019 The Life Quadriplegic’s accessibility review of Sicily including accommodation and places of interest.

Cambodia 2020 Review

2020 blog post by Judith_wheel_travel recounts her adventures: ‘Cambodia 2020!’

Buenos Aires Travel Guide’s 2020 publication: ‘Buenos Aires, Argentina Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’.  

London Travel Guide’s 2019 travel blog post: ‘London, England Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’.

Accessibility in St. Augustine

Visit St Augustine’s accessibility page gives an overview of wheelchair access across the city including links to other organisations.

Punta Cana Holiday Review

Judith_wheel_travel’s 2019 blog post: ‘Impressive Premium Resort and Spa in Punta Cana, Domincan Republic’ is a review of her Caribbean holiday.

Tenerife Accessibility Guide

Little Miss Turtle’s 2019 extensive report: ‘Tenerife in a Wheelchair – Accessibility Guide’.

Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide’s 2019 travel blog post: ‘Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’.

Matagorda, Lanzarote Blog Post

2019 blog post from Able Emily reviewing her stay in Matagorda, Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

Oxfordshire Accessible Taxi Service

Royal Cars understand the needs of their clients and have recently invested in a large number of minibus vehicles with wheelchair access. This allows them to provide transport for wheelchair users 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

South Africa Travel Information

The Accessible South Africa website has been created to showcase accessible tourism in South Africa. We aim to provide comprehensive, transparent information for travellers with disabilities while supporting establishments on the ongoing journey towards universal access.

Visit New York City at Christmas Blog

2019 Simply Emma’s travel blog: ‘Tips for Travelling To New York City At Christmas In A Wheelchair’.

Accessible Taxi Service in New York City

Accessible Dispatch provides wheelchair accessible taxis. The service area accommodates pick-ups and drop-offs in all five boroughs of New York City.

Road trip

2014 20 states on wheels a 2014 road trip “. Each of the 20 chapters focuses on one city or national park and details everything from tourist attractions, to weather, to accessible taxi and van rental information. ”

Destinations around south west USA

2009 blog post about Las Vegas, various places in Arizona, Colorado and Los Angeles


2019 Last updated on 03/03/2019 Getting to and from the airport It reviews getting to and from Schiphol airport by bus, taxi and train as well as airport assistance.


RIVA’S RIDES will take you wherever you want to go, whenever you want to be there. Towns typically served include Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, New Milford, Newtown, Redding, Ridgefield, Sherman, and Southbury. We also service the entire tri-state area and Massachusetts.


St Louis Mobility for U wheelchair accessible van rental and chauffeured service

New York City visit

2016 Brettapproved review: Accessible NYC!

New York City Visit


Las Vegas 3’s complete destination accessibility report of Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas 1

curb free with cory lee Soaring Over Las Vegas: My Wheelchair Accessible Hot Air Balloon Experience

Big Island


Los Angeles 1’s complete destination accessibility report of Los Angeles, California

Destinations around the US 5’s complete destination accessibility reports on a large number of destinations within the United States

Tokyo 7

2017 Accessible Japan blog post:

Around Japan 6

Japan accessible tourism center


Fed up of watching your money disappear on the taximeter as you sit in one of the many traffic jams in London? Then use Gett, a London black cab service that offers fixed fares, or at least a reasonable fixed price range e.g. it might quote you £10 to £12 for a journey. You can…


We operate two large accessible minibus/van taxis that will carry up to 8 persons (w/c + 7, or 2+6) * Operate in UK only – Close to Heathrow, Gatwick, Dover and Southampton so we serve clients arriving by air or sea. Services: Taxi / Day tour (or longer with notice  

Accessible London

Lonely Planet’s London for visitors with a disability

Gibraltar 2

UK Gibraltar Wheelchair’s very comprehensive WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE TRAVEL GUIDE

Taxis London 2

Hot wheels goes blog: UberWAV London,  

Taxis London 1

2018 Disability Horizons article: How accessible are the new electric black cabs in London?

London Visit

2017 Wheelchair Wanderings: blog from a wheelchair user backpacking solo around Europe

Oxford Visitors Guide

Accessible Oxford Guide – A guide for disabled visitors to Oxford is a publication from Oxford City Council that must be downloaded (scroll past the numerous adverts to get to the guide).  

Wheelchair Cabs

Wheelchair Cabs covering London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Southampton Docks, Airports: Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, Luton Airport, City Airport, Southend Airport and Stansted Airport.

Isle of Wight Accessible Taxi

A.S.A.P. Taxis – if you live in the East or West Cowes, Whippingham Northwood or Gurnard areas and need a taxi with full wheelchair access then we can help. The taxi can accommodate one person who stays in the wheelchair plus up to four additional family or friends.

Accessible Taxis

Wheelchair Travel operate two large accessible minibus/van taxis that will carry up to 8 persons (w/c + 7, or 2+6). *Operate in UK only – close to Heathrow, Gatwick, Dover and Southampton so we serve clients arriving by air or sea. Services: Taxi / Day tour (or longer with notice).

Gibraltar Travel Guide’s very comprehensive Gibraltar – Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide.

Hong Kong

Wheelchair’s complete destination accessibility report of Hong Kong, China  

Egypt – Pyramids

Review: Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa Pyramids & Sphinx 2017 blog post: Exploring the Pyramids of Giza as a Wheelchair User


Around Egypt Wheelchair resources, reviews, guides, and tips from over 100 writers worldwide about accessible travel 2017 blog post: Traveling with a Wheelchair on EgyptAir Disability Access in Egypt Accessible Property Register accommodation in Egypt Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis Travel Agent  Enable Holidays UK based travel agent provides ‘carefully assessed’ packages…

Accessible taxis Madrid

Your taxi Madrid office accessible taxis

Tenerife 1

2015 disability Horizons: Accessible Tenerife  

Taxi and WAV Hire

The Accessible Planet: Travel & Cars section details taxis and WAV hire in various destinations throughout the UK. Holidays & Travel section has various different service providers for holidays, hotels, campsites and cruises with the majority of listings being from the UK but some from other countries. Some sections have no information and not sure…

Dubai Travel Guide

Wheelchair’s complete accessibility report of Dubai.

Dubai Holiday Blog

Traveling with a Disability’s blog on a visit to Dubai.

Barcelona 8

2017 Simply Emma blog post:An Accessible City Guide To Barcelona

Majorca 4

2017 Mountain trekking, Blokarting and the hotel spa. Disabilityhorizons blog: Disability and travel: accessible adventures in Mallorca

Access for football Slovenia resources

No Limits Tours has accessible minibuses, tours, information on accessible hotels and equipment hire throughout Slovenia and Croatia


2018 very informative blog post from from Palmuaseman Uutiskirje/ Wheels of Travel Blog post: GUIDE TO UNOBSTRUCTED LJUBLJANA

Moscow’s complete destination accessibility report of Moscow

Venice – Travelling

Travelling – 11 Venice Wheelchair Accessible Travel Tips Travelling – Italy Wheelchair Access on Venice Bridges – Sage Traveling Travelling – Wheelchair Accessible Water Taxis in Venice  – Sage Travelling –  


Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis


2017 blog post: Wheelmobile: Wheelchair Accessible Taxi in Manila, Philippines

Around New Zealand 3

New Zealand tourism guide accessible and disability facilities throughout the country

Around New Zealand 6

New Zealand tourism guide accessible and disability facilities throughout the country

Travel Agency Morocco only

Morocco accessible tourism-Accessible Travel Consultants offer tours, short excursions and day trips. They also provide details including costs for equipment that you can rent and accessible transport from the airport to where you are staying.  

Taxis Morocco

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis


New Mobility article: Adventures in Paris and Rome (Spanish-language but with translation available in Google Chrome) Siller@s Viajer@s blog post about visit to Rome World on Wheelz visits Rome tourism abroad-disabled access ability visits Rome World on Wheelz tours Italy FAUSTA Accessible Transportation” is a private corporation based in…

Helsinki 3

7 Helsinki blogs from curb Free by Cory Lee

Yucatán Peninsula

2016 New Mobility article:Mexico’s Yucatan: Discovering an Ancient World in Modern Ti


2017 AccessAdvisr review: Cancun Accessible Airport-Hotel-Airport service

Around Europe (Italy)

Disabled World’s Disability Travel: Europe for the Disabled information from 2013 Travel agency – Can Be Done UK based travel agent offering destinations that have suitable infrastructure. That is to say that as well as offering accommodation with adapted/accessible rooms, the destination itself must have available accessible transport, and preferably options for clients to travel…

Accessibility page from

Accessibility page from Talks about public transport, taxis, accessible buildings and has useful links for further information sources relating to these topics.

Able Amsterdam

A huge amount of information put together by an Amsterdam wheelchair-using resident: “My purpose is to highlight accessible places, to shatter disability stereotypes, and to encourage fellow mobility aid users to get the most out of this exciting city”.

Accessibility Report


Prague 3

Wheelchair’s complete destination accessibility report of Prague

Around Croatia 4  

Around Costa Rica 3

2015 Curb Free with Cory Lee blog post: second-hand information from a wheelchair user who has not visited the country but is aware of what is important for wheelchair users! Rolling Around Costa Rica: A Wheelchair User’s Travel Guide  


Wheelchair’s complete destination accessibility report of Shanghai, China

Victoria 2

Disability Access in Victoria, BC this page has a great collection of links to accessibility information and services such as; transportation, accessible nature trails, parking, taxis et cetera http://Disability Access in Victoria, BC this page has a great collection of links to accessibility information and services such as; transportation, accessible nature trails, parking, taxis et…

Brussels 3

Handy Brussels is the new name of Brussels for all and it has a significant amount of information for visitors with reduced mobility.  

Brussels 2’s complete destination accessibility report of Brussels

Bruges 1

(Spanish-language but with translation available in Google Chrome) Siller@s Viajer@s blog post about visit to Bruges  

Taxis Barbados

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis  

Taxis and Vehicle hire

Blessed Rentals offers taxis and wheelchair accessible vehicles to hire

Around Barbados 3

2017 Spin the Globe blog post: 6 Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Barbados

Taxis Austria

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis  

Sydney Visit 1

Spin the globe blogs An Introduction to Sydney by Scooter  

Around New South Wales 2

Clickability is an Australian disability service directory that features ratings and reviews from the people who actually use the services.

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