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This page lists the organisations that support or work with Wheelchair World.

Euan Guide


Euan’s Guide

The aim of Euan’s guide is to empower disabled people by providing information that will give confidence and choices for getting out and about.
Euan’s Guide



Getaboutable’s Founder, Dr Yasmine Gray, has always been passionate about travel and adventure but has found it challenging to enjoy new experiences as she has become less mobile over the years due to multiple sclerosis. The idea for the website started in 2008, as Yasmine and a friend were discussing their frustrations in trying to find information about accessible leisure activities and travel destinations. This led her to create getaboutable.com which launched in February 2016. Getaboutable



AccessAdvisr was created to provide a user-led real-world view of how easy-to-access different places and transport stops are for disabled people. The aim is to provide a simple mechanism to allow people with mobility challenges to rate and find first-hand accessibility information. Photographs and videos can be posted on the site. Accessadvisr



It’s a website in Dutch with travel reports and practical tips about accessible tourism worldwide.    Toegankelijkopreis



Travel For All 

TRAVEL FOR ALL is Canada’s Premiere Accessible Travel Agency! We customize vacations, and specialize in helping travelers globally with various ‘Special Requirements’ – cane users, slow walkers, complex health issues (Dialysis), Developmental Disabilities, and wheelchair users. We have customized 5000+ vacations to and from every corner of the world.     Travel for All


Wheelchair Traveller

This website should present a platform where Wheelchairtravellers can exchange information on accommodation, restaurants and activities gathered from their holiday. Our goal is, to especially present the accessible offer in developing and emerging countries and also to promote travelling into those regions. Further, information material for hotels and restaurants in those countries should make them realize the business opportunities and motivate them to undertake minor adaptations to make their offer accessible for wheelchair travellers. Thus new and sustainable infrastructure for wheelchair travelers and travelers with walking disabilities in developing and emerging countries is created.    Wheelchair Travellers



Brettapproved is the world’s fastest growing travel and agency-connection website for travelers with disabilities and mobility challenges. The company provides the world’s first standardized rating system for the accessibility of any place or venue on the planet. Hop in and add your own ratings and reviews! 
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