Wheelchair Accessible Barcelona Review

2020 Wheel The World’s article: ‘Wheelchair Accessible Travel Barcelona: My Experience Traveling with my Partner’. https://gowheeltheworld.com/2020/09/02/wheelchair-accessible-travel-barcelona-my-experience-traveling-with-my-partner/

UK Public Transport Blog

The Master Elf’s: ‘Travelling as a wheelchair user – my experiences’ blog includes public transport reviews covering Barcelona, Liverpool, Birmingham and London. http://themasterelf.blogspot.in/2017/02/travelling-as-wheelchair-user-my_24.html

Access City Award

I have finally found the page that lists winners of the ENAT Access City Award for Europe! Even though most European countries have won the award as some point, it is useful information for planning travel. Previous winners of the Access City Award starting from 2017: 2017: The city of Chester (United Kingdom) was the…

Around Spain

Native Hotels – We are a group of journalists, developers and professionals of tourism specialized in promoting accessible tourism https://www.nativehotels.org/en/  

Around Spain

handibooking searchable directory of accessible accommodation https://handibooking.com/

Around Spain

Accessatlast.com ‘making life accessible’ accommodation options for this country https://accessatlast.com/accessible-accommodation-in/spain

Travel for all

Join Travel For All https://travel-for-all.com/ in this November 2018 hosted vacation to two magical destinations. Morocco, the Gateway to Africa, and Spain, an artist and historian’s mecca. This trip is ‘for all’- fully accessible for all. https://travel-for-all.com/


Barcelona Special Traveler is Barcelona’s first receptive travel agent to specialise in accessible tourism https://www.barcelonaspecialtraveler.com/

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Mucho gusto travel blog about Wheelchair accessibility in Barcelona: “Get inspired by our posts and accessible discoveries in and near Barcelona. Sharing is caring!” https://www.muchogustotravel.com/blog/

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Barcelona Turisme huge collection of information about accessible Barcelona from Visit Barcelona such as where to stay, transport, where to sleep et http://www.barcelona-access.com/ACCESSIBLE/Productes-i-serveis/Productes-i-Serveis—Inicial/_qTOdJvTDy-Kf96IcYzG5hJQh2_qQjfuQqpPfuY5Esr0

Barcelona 10

2016 Disability Horizons article Disability and travel: Barcelona travel guide https://disabilityhorizons.com/2016/04/disability-travel-barcelona-travel-guide/

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AccessAdvisr has reviews for this country https://accessadvisr.net/browse/

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wheelgotravelling.info’s blog about travelling around Spain In an adapted caravan or motorhome http://www.wheelgotravelling.info/CaravanTravels_Spain.html  

Around Spain 20

TUR4all is the Accessible Tourism Mobile App and Web Page 4 venues in Spain available in 10 languages including English https://www.tur4all.com/app-ciudades-patrimonio-accesibles

Around Spain 19

Euan’s Guide features disabled access reviews from disabled people and their friends and families. https://www.euansguide.com/reviews/results/?countrycode=ES&location=Spain&sortby=NumberOfReviews

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(Spanish-language but with translation available in Google Chrome) Siller@s Viajer@s various blog posts about locations around Spain https://www.sillerosviajeros.com/

Around Spain 17

rockingwheels Instagram account of a wheelchair using Spanish model who regularly journeys around various places in Spain and the rest of the world sometimes! https://www.instagram.com/rockingwheels/

Barcelona 9

2017 Simply Emma blog post: MICs Sant Jordi: The Most Accessible and Stylish Apartment in Barcelona https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/mics-sant-jordi-accessible-apartment-barcelona/

Barcelona 8

2017 Simply Emma blog post:An Accessible City Guide To Barcelona https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/accessible-city-guide-barcelona/

Barcelona 7

2015 Lonely Planet’s top accessible destinations – -Barcelona https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/most-accessible-destinations

Barcelona 6

2017 The Trawheeler (Greek language but with the translator to any language available on right hand side below FOLLOW ME options) guest blog post about a visit to Barcelona http://thetrawheeler.com/barcelona-tou-glentiou/  

Barcelona 5

2015 8 Tips to Travel to Barcelona in a Wheelchair http://pushliving.com/8-tips-to-travel-to-barcelona-in-a-wheelchair/

Barcelona 4

2015 Disability Horizons:Bhavni in Barcelona: Our Catalan Tourist Board competition winner talks to us about her first solo trip! https://disabilityhorizons.com/2015/11/bhavni-in-barcelona-our-catalan-tourist-board-competition-winner-talks-to-us-about-her-first-solo-trip/

Barcelona 3

2014 Gaudi’s Barcelona blog post from CuriousKester a.k.a. Globetrotter in a Wheelchair http://curiouskester.com/gaudis-barcelona/

Barcelona 2

2015 thewheelchairbackpacker (French language) visits Barcelona on the tour of Europe http://1000decouvertes4roulettes.com/2015/10/europe-on-wheels-de-vienne-londres-html/

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various blog posts about living in Barcelona from The Master Elf http://themasterelf.blogspot.com/search/label/Barcelona

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2017 Article: Barcelona, Singapore and Berlin: World’s best cities to travel if you’re disabledcc https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/world-best-cities-for-disabled-accessible-wheelchair-tourists-holidays-travel-barcelona-singapore-a7511571.html