About us

Wheelchair World collects reviews and information that helps wheelchair users and other Persons of Reduced Mobility (PRMs) when travelling. Reviews are found through intensive Internet research or submitted directly to Wheelchair World. By giving accessibility information at various destinations, you will feel more confident when travelling.

There are multiple sources of information available for the benefit of wheelchair users and other PRMs, but these are not always easily found. Instead of spending endless hours searching for helpful information, Wheelchair World gathers it all for you so that you can get your trip off to a great start! Since we all have different interests and abilities, you can find and share all different experiences here!

Wheelchair World highlights visitor resources created specifically for our benefit. This information should enable us to better access the services and facilities we may require and ensure that we have a much better experience when travelling.

Wheelchair World is interested in all aspects of your complete travel experience. It’s not just about wheelchair accessibility; it is about your review of the holiday or travel – what you liked, loved or hated!

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