Travel company Wheel the World empowers disabled people to explore the world, offering accessible travel experiences across five continents – from scaling Machu Picchu to safaris in the Serengeti. They were awarded best Inclusive Tours in the Lonely Planet 2021 Best in Travel Awards.


Frommers – things to do in Peru

Around Peru Disability Access In Peru  

Machu Picchu

South American Odyssey

Amazon visits Peru: the AMAZON on wheels

Wheelchair Users’ Travel Blogs

Latin America for All travel blog archives contain some blogs from wheelchair users who have visited Ecuador, Argentina and Peru.

Trailrider Accessible Hiking Review

With its one-wheel design, and ‘Sherpas’ (strong abled bodied carriers) front and back, the TrailRider makes a minimal environmental impact. This design enables it to pass along narrow trails, over obstacles and negotiate steep ground. It can cover a wide variety of terrain, from city parks to mountain passes – and everything in-between

Tours in Latin America

Latin America For All has a 12 day tour of Ecuador, an 11 day tour of Argentina and an 11 day tour of Peru.

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