This website provides a list of accessible accommodation in Argentina.

Buenos Aires Travel Guide’s 2020 publication: ‘Buenos Aires, Argentina Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide’.  

Wheelchair Users’ Travel Blogs

Latin America for All travel blog archives contain some blogs from wheelchair users who have visited Ecuador, Argentina and Peru.

Tours in Latin America

Latin America For All has a 12 day tour of Ecuador, an 11 day tour of Argentina and an 11 day tour of Peru.

Enable Holidays

Enable Holidays provides ‘carefully assessed’ packages and bespoke packages to: Antigua (Caribbean) Argentina Barbados (Caribbean) Belgium Bulgaria Canary Islands Cyprus Czech Republic Ecuador Dominican Republic (Caribbean) Egypt France Germany Gibraltar Greece and her Islands Holland Hungary Ibiza India Italy Jersey Madeira Majorca Malta Minorca Mexico Peru Poland Portugal Saint Lucia (Caribbean) Sicily Singapore South Africa…

Tour Operator

Equalitas Vitae: Spanish provider of accessible tourism but with lots of useful information about accessible hotels, accessible transport accessible activities et cetera. The information is in Spanish but the language can be changed to English or French on the upper right hand side of the page.

Around Argentina 3

Government network for accessible tourism

Around Argentina 2

List of accessible places accredited by the Argentinian government (RTA) includes accommodation etc

Iguaza Falls

Instagram from rockingwheels  

Around Argentina

Viaje Sin Barreras On Line (Spanish) various blog posts from a team of Argentinians about accessibility throughout Argentina

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