Algarve Apartments

Abletoholiday offer three accessible self-catering apartments in the Algarve, complete with pool and hoist, courtesy WAV and airport transfers. Themed holidays, excursions, crafts, etc., can be arranged.

Properties with Pool Hoists

Enable Holidays’ blog post lists holiday properties that include a pool hoist: ‘Top 5 Accessible Properties with a Pool Hoist for 2020’.

Assisted accommodation

Spokes is a fully wheelchair accessible location but it also offers 24-hour trained assistants (carers), for individuals with particular needs.

Accommodation 3

Wheelchair Friendly villa in the Algarve As Casinhas

Accommodation 2

Welcome to this beautiful wheelchair friendly Villa in the Algarve

Accommodation 1

Renovated in 2004 to create purpose-designed accommodation for wheelchair users

Beaches Algarve

AlgarveUncovered,.com list of accessible beaches


Accessible beaches in the Algarve


Meravista’s list of accessible beaches in the Algarve

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