Tom’s Accessible Solo Holiday In Amsterdam

2019 features a client’s blog post: ‘ Tom’s Accessible Solo Holiday In Amsterdam’, which reviews various aspects of the city from an accessibility standpoint.

Amsterdam Travel Guide

2018 Simply Emma’s accessibility review of Amsterdam: ‘ 3 Days In Amsterdam: A Wheelchair User’s Travel Guide to Amsterdam’.

Blog Post: 10 Wheelchair Accessible Cities

Spin The Globe’s 2019 blog post: ’10 Wheelchair Accessible Cities You Should Visit in 2020′ highlights ten cities from around the world.


2014, 15 & 16 Travel blog about the various visits to different placesthe Netherlands

Around Netherlands

2014, 15 & 16 Traveler With Disability visits:

Around Netherlands

Wheelchair resources, reviews, guides, and tips from over 100 writers worldwide about accessible travel

Around Netherlands

2017 Disability Horizons article Top 10 accessible activities in the Netherlands

Public Transportation

2019 Able Amsterdam blog post:It offers advice about travelling via public transport.

City Map

Google map also from able Amsterdam

City Map

Able Amsterdam’s city map A city map that provides a guide to restaurants and cafes, canal cruises, nightlife, activities and places of interest in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Visit

2016 Instagram image from the wheelchairexplorer visit

Amsterdam Visits

Various dates thewheelchairbackpacker (French language) 4 blogs about Amsterdam

Amsterdam Visit

2017 The Trawheeler (Greek language but with the translator to any language available on right hand side below FOLLOW ME options) blog post about a visit to Amsterdam

Amsterdam Guide

Wheelchair’s complete destination accessibility report of Amsterdam

Around Amsterdam

Able Amsterdam A blog reviewing accessible places in Amsterdam


2019 Last updated on 03/03/2019 Getting to and from the airport It reviews getting to and from Schiphol airport by bus, taxi and train as well as airport assistance.

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