Helsinki Accessibility Video

2020 Handiscover’s video on ‘Wheelchair Accessibility In Helsinki, Finland: Interview & Discussion’. Find out about accessible attractions, accommodation and transportation.

9 Accessible Airbnb Rentals

2019 Wheel:Life highlights 9 accessible Airbnb rentals around the world: UK, France (2), USA, Portugal, Finland, Spain, Italy, Australia.

Access City Award

I have finally found the page that lists winners of the ENAT Access City Award for Europe! Even though most European countries have won the award as some point, it is useful information for planning travel. Previous winners of the Access City Award starting from 2017: 2017: The city of Chester (United Kingdom) was the…


Accessible husky safaris

Accommodation Finland ‘making life accessible’ accommodation options for this country  

Around Finland 6

The Accessibility Centre ESKE of the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities (FPD) is a part of FPD’s organizational work

Around Finland 5 Disability Access In Finland

Around Finland 4

A project with a map in Finnish showing places (relevant to visitors and residents e.g. hotels and jobs) and that have been given an award for accessibility and explaining what they have to achieve in order to be granted this award

Accommodation Finland 1

2015 Disability Horizons: Are these the most accessible, responsible accommodations in the world?,

Husky dog sled



an online map of some accessible places in Helsinki

Helsinki 3

7 Helsinki blogs from curb Free by Cory Lee

Helsinki 2

2018 Photoroller blog post: Wheeling on water – or trying to anyway  

Helsinki 1

Map of wheelchair accessible services in Helsinki

Around Finland 3

Wheelchair resources, reviews, guides, and tips from over 100 writers worldwide about accessible travel

Around Finland 2

2016 Disabilityhorizons article: what is Finland like if you’re disabled?

Around Finland 1

Palmuaseman Uutiskirje Finnish travel blogger writes about many aspects of wheelchair used throughout Finland

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