Driving in Central America and South America

The FIA Guide for the disabled motorist using Parking Permits, Cards and PlacardsWelcome to the Central and South America section of the FIA Guide for the disabled motorist. http://www.disabledmotorists.eu/en/world_map/central_and_south_america/central_and_south_america.htm  

Around Belize 2

countryreports.org Disability Access In Belize https://www.countryreports.org/travel/Belize/accessibility.htm  

Caye Caulker

2015 Swimming with sharks blog post from CuriousKester a.k.a. Globetrotter in a Wheelchair http://curiouskester.com/swimming-with-sharks/  

Around Belize

Wheelchair traveling.com resources, reviews, guides, and tips from over 100 writers worldwide about accessible travel http://wheelchairtraveling.com/category/caribbean/belize/

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