Wheelchair Accessible Safari Holidays

2by2holidays offers wheelchair accessible safari holidays to South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, India and Latin America. Tours can be tailored to meet exact requirements. https://www.2by2holidays.co.uk/wheelchair-safaris-disabled-holidays

Blog Post: Hyderabad Airport Offer Wheelchair Lift

2018 Rolling Without Limits blog post: Hyderabad Airport Becomes India’s First Airport to Offer Wheelchair Lift for Passengers with Restricted Mobility: https://www.transfermaster.com/blog/view-post/Hyderabad-Airport-Becomes-Indias-First-Airport-to-Offer-Wheelchair-Lift-for-Passengers-wit

Accessibility in India: Various Blog Posts

2019 to 2013 Various blog posts from AccessAbility This blog raises issues related to disability inclusion and exclusion of disabled people from society because of accessibility or inaccessibility of the environment: https://accessability-india.blogspot.com/

Blog post on UNESCO world Heritage sites including the Taj Mahal

2019 Disway blog post looking for the UNESCO world Heritage sites covering Olomouc, Czech Republic, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Taj Mahal, India and Geiranger Fjord, Norway: http://www.disway.org/en/blog/1-reports-from-ambassadors/242-looking-for-the-unesco-world.html?fbclid=IwAR1nO-8KM4jledP_GYTj1Dobm3sGQdvMpPk5THSR57ovhEyNfGtjqrXsncw


SATH article: HIMALAYA ON WHEELS: wheelchair user visits Ladakh’s wheelchair accessible circuit visiting with The Himalaya on Wheels package http://sath.org/himalaya-on-wheels-have-wheels-will-travel

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