air travel advice

Mixture of old and recent articles on air travel: 2017-01-12 Training to Improve Access to Air Travel for People with Disabilities 2016-12-16 Agreement Reached on Providing Accessible Bathrooms on Single-aisle Aircraft 2016-12-12 Making Air Travel More Accessible for Passengers with Hidden Disabilities – CAA Guidelines 2016-11-07 New Rule Requires US Airlines to Report Wheelchair and Scooter Transport and Damage 2016-03-07 Expanding Choices for Travelers with Disabilities – Detroit Metro Airport 2015-12-06 Miami International Airport Program for Special Needs Passengers 2015-02-12 Major Airline Travel Tips for Travelers with Disabilities 2012-06-19 Passenger Rights and Unfair Refusals Still a Problem for Air Travelers with Disability 2011-11-30 Closed Captioning Now Available for Live Television On Continental Airlines 2011-11-14 U.S. Air Carrier Access Act – 25th Anniversary 2011-07-12 Airport Guide for Persons with Disability 2010-09-20 Tips for Flying Abroad for Travelers With Special Needs 2010-06-27 Cause and Treatment of Jet Lag 2008-12-29 Air Travel Accessibility Issues and Stories 2008-12-24 Travel Tips when Flying with Young Children 2008-12-24 Accessible Air Travel Tips for Passengers with Disability 2008-12-06 Airlines – An End to Discrimination

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